Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The February 2016 Bar Exam: Florida Bar Exam Takers Grim Reality for Repeat Takers

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For February 2016, the pass rate was 58.4%. This number is not reflective of repeat takers. In fact, the repeat takers pass rate was much, much lower. Unfortunately, Florida statistics do not include repeat takers, but we know, from states who do publish those statistics, the repeat bar exam taker rate is abysmal. Yesterday, Missouri released its statistics and for those repeat takers who took the bar 3 or more times, the pass rate was only 35%. In Pennsylvania, the first time taker pass rate was 74%, 2nd time: 55%, 3rd time: 32%, 4 or more times, 19%. Indiana's first time taker pass rate was 62% and repeat takers pass rate was 35%. We can see that the pass rate drops for each successive time a taker fails the bar exam.

Also, we can see that the average MBE scores goes dramatically down for repeat takers. Let’s take a look at the Missouri statistics. The average MBE score was 135.7, for 1st time taker, their MBE score was 139, For 2nd time takers, the MBE score was 131, and for 3 or more takers, the score was 124.5. As we know, every point counts in the MBE and in passing the bar exam.

Since Florida’s pass rate was only 58%, we can extrapolate the repeat bar taker pass rate and it is too horrible to contemplate. Why risk this result again? Ask yourself where you would be if you failed again in July?

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