Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The February 2016 Bar Exam: The North Carolina Bar Exam

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Traditionally, North Carolina bar exam results come out at the end of March. Last year it came out on March 30th. North Carolina may be coming out in approximately 1 week from now. Bar Professors will keep you posted when we hear a definitive date.
Bar Professors will be offering for the July 2016 North Carolina bar exam, a tutorial program covering North Carolina essays and the MBE. Bar Professors main topic includes how to avoid getting a “0” or a “1” on your essays.

Also, Bar Professors will be conducting a North Carolina seminar in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina in April 2016. For the essay portion of the seminar, we will teach you specific techniques that will impact greatly on your essays, such as line by line analysis, timing, understanding the status of the parties, the importance of the call of the question and factual analysis. For the MBE portion, we will discuss and cover the frequently tested areas, areas always covered in each subject, understanding legal distinctions and narrowing your choices down to two answers. The materials include MBE outlines and questions, essay strategies and analysis for frequently tested subjects.

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