Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Worst Bar Exam Passage Rate Ever for North Carolina

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Here are the statistics for the North Carolina law schools for the February 2017 bar exam:

Campbell: First Time Taker: 60% Repeat Taker: 64.52% Overall: 63.89%
Duke: First Time Taker: 75% Repeat Taker: 0 Overall: 60%
NCCU: First Time Taker: 27.27% Repeat Taker: 26.98% Overall: 27.03%
UNC: First Time Taker: 66.67% Repeat Taker: 64.29% Overall: 65%
WFU: First Time Taker: 66.67% Repeat Taker: 35.71% Overall: 41.18%
Elon University: First Time Taker: 0 Repeat Taker: 32.26% Overall: 26.32%
Charlotte Law School: First Time Taker: 25% Repeat Taker: 18.09% Overall: 21.08%

Overall statistics for North Carolina schools are:

First time takers: 32.46%
Repeat takers: 33.21%
Overall: 32.98%

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