Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The February 2017 Bar Exam: Charlotte Law School Grads: We Will Help You Pass the Bar Exam Before it is Too Late

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It may be the beginning of the end for Charlotte School of Law. The school has not even started their spring semester. Students were informed Tuesday that the spring semester, previously announced as starting Jan 17, would begin Jan. 23.

For CSL graduates, you need to pass now before you become the victim.

The ABA placed the school on two years’ probation due to what it described as chronic problems with admissions, curriculum and the worst passing rate on the bar exam in North Carolina.

In addition, the Department of Education made CSL the first accredited law school in the country to lose access to student loans and other financial aid. The agency accused Charlotte of trying to hide the school’s problems from current and future students in order to maintain enrollment. The federal aid cutoff was scheduled to begin on Dec 31st, but it appears that deadline has been extended.

So, what happens if you are a Charlotte Law School graduate and have not passed the bar exam? Don’t forget this is the law school that has repeatedly lied about their law school’s bar passage rate, so we know they are hundreds of students who have not passed the bar exam. We have had many students from Charlotte Law School contact us and ask us for our help in passing the bar exam. Bar Professors’ will tell us this: you need to pass now before Charlotte Law School’s problems become your problems and drag you down with it. Contact Bar Professors immediately and we will help you get ready to pass the bar exam.

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