Friday, September 2, 2016

The July 2016 Bar Exam: Learn how to avoid 0s and 1s on your North Carolina Essays – Attend our Raleigh Seminar

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We have been talking with students this week about the North Carolina bar exam. More specifically, the students cannot believe that they end up with 0s and 1s on their bar exam essays. Every student we’ve talked to claims that they knew the issues, but still ended up with no points or even a lousy 1 point.

Remember that North Carolina has a 10 point grading system and a 5 or 6 is considered an average score. So, as we see, there is no room for error. If you end up with even one essay with an 0 or 1, you are probably not going to pass the North Carolina bar exam. You must score average or above.

Bar Professors is holding an all day North Carolina group workshop on October 29th in Raleigh. For the essay portion of the seminar, we will teach you specific techniques that will impact greatly on your essays, such as line by line analysis, timing, understanding the status of the parties, the importance of the call of the question and factual analysis. For the MBE portion, we will discuss and cover the frequently tested areas, areas always covered in each subject, understanding legal distinctions and narrowing your choices down to two answers. The materials include MBE outlines and questions, essay strategies and analysis for frequently tested subjects.

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