Friday, July 8, 2016

The July 2016 Bar Exam: The Essay Writer

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An important piece of information that you need is knowing what kind of essay writer you are. The next time you write an essay, look at your writing critically. What kind of essay writer are you?

I have seen many types of essays, put I put them mostly in a few categories:

All facts and no law: These writers just regurgitate the facts without legal analysis. All law and no facts: These writers just tell us the law, without blending the facts. No knowledge of the rule definitions: These writers do not know the black letter law. No knowledge of factual analysis: These writers do not blend the law with the factual analysis.

Where do you stand on my list? Make sure you know the answer, because your job, right now and up to the bar exam is to correct your essay writing and turn your weakness into a strength.

Most states want you to write an IRAC type of essay. You want to identify the issue, set out the complete rule definition, analyze your facts with the law, and then you want to conclude. You can’t go wrong with that simple formula.

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