Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The July 2016 Bar Exam: The MBE

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We have talked with many students this bar exam cycle about their MBE scores. Many students I talked with failed the MBE while passing the state portion of their bar exam. The MBE is always difficult because you have to get the right answer or you get no points. Across the board, whether you are from Harvard or from a third tier school, contracts and property are usually one and two for the hardest subjects of the six – and where most students have the most difficult. Torts is ranked as the easiest subject in terms of how many questions students get right nationally. Civil Procedure looked to be the hardest subject this time around – in light of the overall MBE’s lowest averages in years.

For those who failed the MBE exam, evaluate your scores carefully. Unfortunately, the NCBE no longer give you the raw scores. There are two main problems you face if your scores are low: your analytical skills are not up to par or you have black letter law weakness. Which do you have?
As the July 2016 bar comes closer, we will discuss strategies and tactics for the MBE.

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