Monday, January 25, 2016

The February 2016 Bar Exam: Beating Negativity

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We’ve talked about positivity and staying confident, but, sometimes, we have to also beat back negativity from friends and family. They might mean well, but, instead, drive us to distraction with their “well-meaning” negativity.

We have all heard stories of the worst nightmares of taking the bar – a student’s father dies, a student gets sick or injured, a student gets stuck in a massive traffic jam the morning of the bar exam, a student has taken the bar exam 100 times. I can go on and on with all the terrible things that can happen to a student preparing to take the bar exam or on the day of the bar exam.

Why do people want to tell you these stories? Perhaps they are well-meaning, perhaps they have a more sinister reason for relating these stories. Regardless of the reasons why, you have to actively beat back those people who want to bring you down. Try to avoid those people who may not want you to succeed – i.e. a friend who wants you to go out and party or tell you that you do not need to study so hard. If you can’t avoid them, tell them you must study and that you expect them to be supportive. Tell the “story tellers” to keep their stories for later (and preferably never) and that you don’t need to hear anything negative.

Tell your friends and family that this is important to you and your future. Tell them exactly what you must do in order to pass and tell them you will be unavailable for the duration of the preparation. Family and friends who love you, will understand your commitment and will take joy in your success.

Avoid negativity. Don’t let anyone bring you down or allow yourself to get depressed or be unhappy. You must keep confident and positive all through this preparation period and you will be that much closer to being a lawyer.

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