Monday, October 12, 2015

The Bar Exam Results for July 2015: Why Repeat Bar Takers Don’t Pass…The Myths and Reality of Passing

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Most law graduates are under the false impression that the more times you take a state bar exam the greater your changes are to passing.
In fact, it is just the opposite. The more times you sit for a state bar, you increase your chances of being unsuccessful.

The statistical proof is clear and convincing that repeat takers continuously do poorer on the bar exam than first time takers. Here are the hard facts in a few states that have already reported:

Pennsylvania’s overall pass rate for July 2015 was 72%. The pass rate for 1st time takers was 78%, the pass rate for second time takers was 31% , third time taker pass rate was 28% and 4+ pass rate was 16%.

Colorado’s overall pass rate for July 2015 was 77%. The pass rate for 1st time takers was 78% and repeat takers pass rate was 30%

Oregon’s overall pass rate for July 2015 was 60%. The first time taker pass rate was 68% and the repeat bar exam taker rate was 19%.

These statistical repeat taker numbers are a clear representation that repeat takers, on an average, only pass the bar exam at about a 30% rate.

Obtaining a Bar Professors’ bar exam tutor should be the number one goal for all repeat takers.

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