Friday, September 4, 2015

The July 2015 Bar Exam Results: Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Arkansas

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The end of the week is here and Friday may be an even bigger day for bar exam results for these 4 states: Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, and Arkansas.

Oklahoma’s bar exam results will be coming out today – they are usually posed in late afternoon.

We do not have the exact date for the remaining 4 states, but if it holds up true to form, we will probably see some of these states come out today, too.

Wyoming’s bar exam results are released in the beginning of September and last year it came out on Sept. 4th.

Kansas’ bar exam results came out the same day with Oklahoma – last year it was Sept. 5th.

Arkansas’ bar exam results are released in the beginning of September and we are keeping an eye on that state today.

Good luck and good news to those who are waiting.

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