Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The February 2013 Bar Exam Results: The MBE

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We have seen how the MBE has “shaken” out for the February 2013 bar exam.

The average raw score for the MBE subjects is:
Evidence: 19.03 out of 33
Const. Law: 19.17 out of 33
Property: 19.63 out of 33
Contracts: 20.06 out of 34
Criminal Law/Pro: 20.07 out of 33
Torts: 21.25 out of 34

I have put the average raw score in order of hardest to easiest. As we can see this February, 2013, the hardest subjects were evidence and constitutional law; the easiest subjects were criminal law/procedure and torts. It is a surprise to see constitutional law as one of the harder subjects. In addition, from what my students told me, property did not have many future interests or mortgage questions, which was a great relief to many and pushed property into the middle range of the subjects (when it usually the hardest subject).

The average range for all the subjects is from 58% to 62.5%. These are the numbers you should be reaching when you practice your MBE questions.

It appears that the scaled score this year fits within the usual range of 12-15 extra points, depending on where you fall for the raw score. That is consistent with prior years.

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