Monday, April 11, 2011

February 2011 Florida Bar Pass Rate by Law School

Here are the results by Florida law school for the February 2011 bar exam.

University of Florida (31/34) 91.2%
FIU (30/34) 88.2%
Stetson (67/77) 87%
University of Miami (33/38) 86.8%
Nova Southeastern 85.4%
FSU 83.9%
Florida Coastal 81.7%
Non-Florida 79%
Barry 71.9%
St. Thomas 65.9%
FAMU 53.8%
Ava Maria (0/4) 0%
Statewide 79.5%


  1. Can you please cite your source for this information? I only see the Florida Bar (and Supreme Court) as reporting anonymously for individuals, not for schools. This information is important, and where/how it was obtained should be cited. Thank you.


  3. All law schools directly receive the pass rates of their students, possibly before even themselves find out.