Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Should You Appeal Your Bar Exam Score if You Failed the Florida Bar Exam?

By now you have received your fail letter detailing your bar exam scores. You can look at Part A, the Florida essay and multiple choice and find out your scores, the mean scores and how close you were to passing. You can also look at Part B, the MBE, where the score is broken out by subjects. Again, you need to examine your weak sections.

In Florida, those 2 sections are equally weighed. You can technically fail one and overall pass the Florida bar exam.

You need to know the mean score of both sections. Each essay will have the student score and the mean score as well as the multiple choice student score and mean score. The scores are also adjusted upwards and downwards depending on how hard the essays/multiple choice were. This is where you can see whether you have the probability of success on appeal. Are you close enough to maybe squeeze out a point or two?

Once the appeal process has been started then you can also request a copy of the graded essay for a fee and determine what issues you missed. The fail letter will tell the student how to make the appeal.

The appeals process normally is not successful, but if you are close, it is worth a try to see if you can get a point or two more to be successful.

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