Monday, May 4, 2020

New York Say No and Not Here to Out of State Law Grads, Repeat Takers and Foreign Educated Lawyers

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New York has said no to anyone but first time takers from New York law schools in sitting for the September 9th bar exam.  Since they will have limited seating capacity, NY Bole will only accept applications from any J.D. or LL.M. candidate who is sitting for the bar examination for the first time and who has graduated from one of the fifteen law schools located in New York State until May 15th. Bole will then assess available seating in light of existing health and safety guidance. If seating remains available, the Board will then open the application period to a larger pool of candidates.

The NY Bole has urged candidates to consider sitting for the UBE at a later date or in other jurisdictions.  Right now, there are only a very few jurisdictions whose registration is still open. 

Will New Hampshire, to name one, be inundated with applications before May 15th?
In addition, it looks like the 15 law schools will help administer the UBE exam at their law schools and offered their facilities to accommodate test-takers. It’s apparent that there will not be much space left after the first time takers get their seats.

Further, as we saw in the February 2020 bar exam and the July 2019 bar exam, over 60% of the takers in New York are repeat takers.  It appears that New York will not accommodate them. Nor will they accommodate the many foreign educated lawyers who fly to New York to sit for the bar exam. Not to mention, the first time takers from Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc who have good jobs lined up in New York.  This is untenable.

There must be a way to accommodate the first time takers outside of New York, the repeat takers and the foreign educated lawyers. As we know, the NCBE has announced plans for two testing dates:  September 9th – 10th and September 30th – October 1st.  With the large number of takers who usually sit for the July bar exam in New York, why doesn’t New York administer the exam on both testing dates to accommodate another batch of takers? If BOLE would be open to out-of-state hosting, this could add more takers. 

NY Bole needs to be more flexible and more creative to allow for all the test takers to be able to take the exam in New York in a safe, healthy and productive way.

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