Monday, July 6, 2020

The California Essay Bar Exam Review Book for Repeat California Bar Takers

Bar Professors Provides Private/Online Tutoring for Repeat Takers for the UBE, North Carolina, Florida, the MBE, UBE, New York and California.

The California Essay Subject Bar Exam Book is designed specifically for the repeat bar exam taker and the first time California bar taker who needs a more concise understanding of tested California essay subjects. The book is easy to read and hones in on areas that are tested on the California essay bar exam, which eliminates unnecessary and frivolous reading. The book is also designed and written for non-traditional students coming from other fields, working and older students, and foreign educated students whose English is their second language.  This book provides a new approach in preparing for the California essays.

The California Essay Review book focuses on the most commonly and previously tested areas, frequently tested areas, most likely tested areas, based on California trends in the law and current new California law based on statutes and cases.  Remember, all bar exams are creatures of habit.

Moreover, the California essay book gives you exactly what you need to understand key principles and California black letter law. This book gives you a narrative analysis of all California tested essay subjects, which includes, Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Community Property, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Real Property, Remedies, Torts, Trusts, and Wills and Succession.  These areas are the blueprint for passing the California essay portion and the materials covered in this book reflect that.

Bar Professors has developed our remote, online, virtual extended programs for all students who are taking the Florida, Massachusetts, California, New York, UBE September or October 2020 bar exam and states taking the July 2020 bar exam.  We are a one-on-one tutoring program that is remotely based, by online, by telephone, by Facetime, by Skype, by Zoom.  We can help all repeat takers and foreign educated students pass the bar exam.

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Bar Professors provide private bar exam on line tutoring for repeat takers who have difficulty with the MBE, MEE, UBE, Florida, California, North Carolina, Texas and New York bar exams. You can find us at, like us on facebook at BarProfessors, follow us on twitter @BarProfessors,  email us at or see us on youtube.

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