Tuesday, July 14, 2020

2 Weeks Until You Pass the July Bar Exam

Bar Professors Provides Private/Online Tutoring for Repeat Takers for the UBE, North Carolina, Florida, the MBE, UBE, New York and California.

You have 2 weeks until the July bar examination. Instead of spending the day getting nervous about the time, concentrate on what you have left to do.

We know that with the pandemic and the state of confusion as to whether your state will postpone the exam has upset and concerned many students who are facing the bar exam in 2 weeks. But try to put your concerns aside and fully focus on what you must do in the remaining 2 weeks. 

By this time, you should have pretty much memorized as much black letter law as you can cram into your brain. It is now time to put away the books and stop studying the law.
What you need to do in these final 2 weeks to prepare yourself for the bar exam is to practice, practice, practice.

Try to do an essay or two every day, testing yourself on a variety of subjects that you know your state tests. Do the essays under test conditions. Once you finish your essay under time constraints, spend an equal amount of time reading your essay and comparing it to the model answer. Read for comprehension, also. There might be a point of law that you did not know that you can learn from reading the model answer.

You also must include taking the time to do the performance test. Try doing 1 performance test every other day. This way you can probably get 5 or 6 performance tests in to your practice sessions prior to the bar exam. On the days you do not do a performance test, practice your essays.

In between the essays and performance tests, you also need to work on questions for the Multistate. Try to get in at least 50-100 MBE questions per day, if you can. This way you can really be sharp when exam time comes.

Don’t waste the time to panic, but do take the time to practice. You will be more prepared than ever if you follow this schedule.

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