Thursday, April 23, 2020

Nationwide, 2/3rds of the February Bar Exam Takers Were Repeat Bar Exam Takers – Bar Professors Specializes in Repeat Takers

Bar Professors Provides Private/Online Tutoring for Repeat Takers for the UBE, North Carolina, Florida, the MBE, UBE, New York and California.

According to the NCBE, of the 19,112 people taking the February exam, approximately two-thirds were repeat test-takers, meaning they’d already failed the exam previously. That means that approximately 12,550 of the takers were repeat takers.

As we know, the February administration is usually dominated by repeaters, According to the NCBE it was repeat test-takers pulling down the MBE average to 132.9, an all time low in February. “The February mean is always driven by repeat test-takers; this February, the decrease in the mean score among likely first-time takers was relatively small, while the decrease was larger for likely repeaters,” so says the NCBE.

States are still releasing results but from what we have seen, the overall pass rate has been way down, as well as the repeat taker pass rate.  In Alabama, the repeat taker pass rate was 14%, and the overall pass rate was 26%;  in Virginia, the overall pass rate was 58%; in Colorado, the overall pass rate was only 56%; in South Carolina, the overall pass rate was 55%.

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