Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The July 2018 Bar Exam: The Nightmare Bar Exam Results: The Real Horror Story

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With the release of California’s bar exam results, the July 2018 bar cycle has come to a horrible and miserable end of mass annihilation.

We can call that hyperbole, but a close examination of the July 2018 results show that clear across state lines, students faired quite poorly this bar cycle.

First, we learned that the MBE scores sank to a new 34-year low. The NCBE announced that the average score on the MBE in July fell 2.2 points to 139.5.  The 2.2-point drop in the July 2018 average MBE score comes on the heels of a 10-year low for the February 2018 exam.  The NCBE warned at that time, that the low MBE scores meant that state bar exam pass rates would decline.  That was an understatement.

On average, many states had a 4% to 5% decrease in their pass rates from a year ago.

California hit a 67 year low with a 40.7 pass rate, down 9% from last July 2017.
Texas fell over 7% points from last year.
New York fell by 5% points.
Florida fell by 4% points.
Oregon fell by 5% points.
Alabama fell by 5% points.
Missouri fell by 9% points
DC fell by 5% points.
Nevada fell by 9% points.
Ohio fell by 7% points.
Oklahoma fell by 6% points
Colorado fell by 7%
New Jersey fell by 7% points
North Carolina fell by 5%
Indiana and Iowa fell by 4%
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania fell by 3%.

These 18 states are a representative sample of the states’ pass rates.  Some states like Virginia did go up, some states like Arizona stayed the same. 

In general, we can see that these statistics are alarming, shocking and not acceptable. These weak results for the bar exam and, especially, its repeat takers do not bode well for the next bar cycle.

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