Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The February 2019 Bar Exam: The Big Divide: New York Law Schools Bar Exam Results - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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In New York, the bar exam pass results were mixed.  6 schools performed above the statewide average of 83% for first-time test takers at ABA accredited law schools while 9 schools were under the statewide average. The 83% was down 3% from the year before. The average was 81% for first-time test takers from New York law schools.

The gap between the best and worst-performing New York law schools widened to almost 50% this July 2018.   Graduates of New York’s top two law schools performed well on the July bar exam, but passing rates decreased at 12 New York schools and 5 law schools saw steep declines.
At one-third of the state’s 15 schools, the pass rates dropped by more than 8%. 3 schools saw double-digit declines.

Less than half of Touro Law Center graduates passed. Touro’s pass rate was 16.2% lower than last year. At The City University of New York School of Law, the passing rate declined 13%. Pace University saw a decline of 11.6%, Hofstra University dropped 8.4%  and Syracuse University College of Law declined by 8.2%.

New York’s plummeting scores mirror performance on the bar examination nationwide, which sunk to a 34-year low.

While Albany Law School, Columbia Law School and New York University School of Law improved their performance between 2017 and 2018, Albany’s 75.9% pass rate was still 6.8% below the school’s score in 2016.

Graduates of Cornell Law School and Fordham University School of Law did not perform as well as last year but the declines were moderate. Cornell which had a 94% pass rate, went down 1.6% and Fordham declined 4.4%.

St. John’s University School of Law had a 86.7% pass rate although St. John’s bar pass rate dipped 2.5%.

At 72.3%, Brooklyn Law School was down 6.3%.

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