Friday, February 5, 2021

Taking a Remote Online Bar Exam from Your Computer, Part 2


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We have talked about what you need to prepare to take your remote online bar exam from your computer.  Now it’s time to practice and to think about techniques you can use to make it easier to complete your essay questions.

Once the essay opens up on your computer, what should you do?  

1) Glance quickly through the essay so you can get a feel of what is happening. Then focus on the call of the question.  What are you being asked to do?

2) Start setting up you outline on the computer (in the area where your answer should be) based on the call of the question.  For example, if the call of the question asks, what causes of action can Plaintiff bring – make a heading for Plaintiff.  If it asks what are Defendant’s defenses, make a heading for Defendant.  You may change the presentation as you get more into the reading, but at least now you know where you are going.

3) Now it’s the time to start your serious reading.  As you move line by line, start identifying potential issues. Since you have no scrap paper, you will have to start listing them in your answer, putting the issues under your already made headings.  Again, you can change the presentation of your outline later, but this is the time to put all of your issues down in your first headings.

4) You can then start putting the issues in a more logical order and you can start writing out the issues. Also, remember that bar examiners love counter-arguments. 

5) As you start working the issues, make sure you incorporate the facts.  Bar examiners love factual analysis. Another reading will do the trick to make sure you have your facts for your analysis. That third reading may also allow you to find another issue or two that you missed on your second reading.

6) Keep writing and keep an eye on your time.  As we know from October, the essay will close after the time period ends (whether it’s an hour long essay, 30 minutes or 45 minutes).

Using this approach will help you keep your focus and organize your thinking about how you want to present the issues and the pertinent facts. Following this method will lessen the need to look or scroll back to the question. Practice this technique during your bar exam preparation so that it becomes second nature to you.

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