Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New York Looks to Reschedule its Bar Exam in Early September and Bar Professors is Here to Help with Extended Programs

Bar Professors Provides Private Tutoring for Repeat Takers for the UBE. North Carolina, Florida, the MBE, UBE, New York and California. 

The New York State Bar Association Task Force released a statement calling for any postponed exam to be set “for a date as soon as possible around Labor Day and prior to the Jewish holidays at the end of September.”

Although New York can’t dictate that the NCBE offer a September date, but notes “because of the large number of test takers who take the test in New York, New York can –and should – exert its prominent role in the American legal community to influence the NCBE to offer the UBE in early September.”

We will see if conditions improve in order for the September date to hold. If the new date proves impossible, the NYSBA Task Force calls for an expansion of the state’s practice waiver system.
Special practice orders allow law school graduates to engage in law practice activities under the supervision of attorneys.

Bar Professors has developed our remote extended programs for all students who must wait until the fall to take the bar exam.  Bar Professors is a one-on-one tutoring program that is remotely based, by telephone, by facetime, by Skype.  We can help all repeat takers pass the bar exam.

Contact us at http://barprofessors.com for more information.

Bar Professors provide private bar exam tutors for repeat takers who have difficulty with the MBE, MEE, UBE, Florida, California, North Carolina, Texas and New York bar exams. You can find us at http://barprofessors.com, like us on facebook at BarProfessors, follow us on twitter @BarProfessors,  email us at pass@barprofessors.com or see us on youtube.

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