Monday, December 9, 2019

Pass the Bar Exam and Stop Listening to Bad Advice

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It’s quite surprising to hear law students uttering completely bad advice that they got from their school, their professors or their friends.  Here are some of the bad advice that has been told as gospel:

Starting Too Early and Burning Yourself Out

You can never start too early and you can never burn yourself out.  Your job is to learn and understand the law in your jurisdiction and there is a lot to learn. Moreover, the time goes quite quickly.  If you get tired, take a few hours off, even a day off to recharge your batteries.  If you start early, you can afford to take the few hours off.  The earlier you start, the better off you will be.

If You Do Poorly, Sit Out a Bar Cycle

Why would anyone want to sit out a bar cycle?  You do not need to sit out wasting time, you need to pass the bar exam as quickly as you can.  None of us can afford to waste another 6 months just waiting.  Further, sitting out a bar cycle will not enhance your ability to pass or to even study.

Study Rule Definitions Only and Recite them Perfectly

Many law students think that they only need to memorize rule definitions in order to pass the bar exam.  That is a false assumption. Of course, you need to know the elements of the law, but the facts are what drives the analysis. And that factual analysis is what will ensure that you pass the bar exam.

Read Outlines All Day, Practice Just A Little – A Waste of Time for Repeat Takers

Yes, it is important to read outlines so that you understand the law, however, you need to practice a lot of essays and MBE to ensure that you understand the law and its application.

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