Monday, November 25, 2019

The February 2020 Bar Exam: 3 Months Until the Bar Exam; Get Help with Bar Professors

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The February 2020 bar exam is 3 months away. For repeat takers, it’s time to start the study process. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too early, or that you will burn yourself out. That’s not true. Start studying a couple of hours a day; small bites of the material, until you are ready to immerse yourself with your task. February will come around much, much faster than you think it will. Don’t sabotage your studies by waiting until the last minute. It doesn’t work that way. You only get better with work and practice.

Don’t forget we are seeing repeat takers fail rate at 65-75%. That’s because the exams are getting harder and, unfortunately, too few students are taking their job of passing the bar exam seriously. There is a lot of subjects to learn and review. You must put effort and stamina in your studies. This is not a passive review. You must work and you must work hard.

For repeat takers, if have taken the bar exam multiple times and are still not getting the results you want, think about getting a Bar Professors’ tutor. There is obviously something about the way you study or how you study that is not producing results for you. A Bar Professors’ tutor can set up a study plan with you, discuss areas of the bar exam materials that you are not getting and keep you motivated and less isolated.

Remember, you have much work to do and many subjects to master before the February bar exam.

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