Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The July 2019 Bar Exam: MBE Timing

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As to timing of the MBE, you must answer 100 questions in 3 hours, both in the morning and the afternoon. Breaking it down further, you must answer each question in 1.8 minutes, or 17 questions in a half hour and 34 questions in an hour. You must be able to sustain that fast pace.

As you practice, keep that pace in mind. It is imperative that you finish all 200 questions. You do not want to leave any questions unanswered or unread and lose valuable points. As you know, even 1 point or 2 points can mean the difference between passing and failing.

Not only do you need to answer the questions, you need to answer them correctly.

How do you build up your time and accuracy? In the beginning of this process, start with 17 questions first – note your time and your accuracy. As you get better at your accuracy, your time will also get better. Once you feel that you are comfortable with the 17 questions, then, proceed to doing 34 questions in one sitting. Again, notice how long it took you and your accuracy. Then move up doing 68 questions in 2 hours, until finally you are working at 3 hour stretches.

You must get comfortable and condition yourself to sitting for 3 hours, working on MBE questions, without losing your focus or concentration. In the last couple of weeks, prior to the bar exam, you should be working on 3 hour blocks for the MBE.

Once you get to the bar exam, write down the time for 34 questions, 68 questions or break it down in half hours, i.e. 17, 34, 51 etc., so you can glance at your sheet and know that you are on schedule to answer all 100 questions in that session.

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