Monday, June 3, 2019

The July 2019 Bar Exam: Repeat Takers: Cross the Finish Line with Bar Professors

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All of the states have released their bar exam results and it is now 2 months until the bar exam.  For those takers who have failed the bar exam, you will need a bar exam tutor to get you over the finish line.

As a repeat taker, you must take the bar exam again. It’s time to refocus again on the bar.  Taking the exam again will call for a change in approach, strategy, and preparation for you to pass that final hurdle in fulfilling your dream of becoming a lawyer. The bar exam is not an academic exercise. The bar examiners want to know whether you are prepared to practice law.

Don’t do the same thing you did for the first bar you took. Employ a private bar tutor, like Bar Professors, who can work one on one with you to keep you sharp and motivated and you will be on the way to passing the bar. Bar Professors has a unique cross training system that keeps the students working towards their goals of passing the bar exam.  We grade your essays, probing areas where you need improvement.  We have discussion lectures on substantive law.

We talk about strategy, speed and accuracy and Bar Professors drills the student, using repetition, as a means of learning.  We have had much success with students who have taken the bar exam two, three and even eight times.

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Bar Professors provide private bar exam tutors for repeat takers who have difficulty with the MBE, MEE, UBE, Florida, California, North Carolina, Texas and New York bar exams. You can find us at, like us on facebook at BarProfessors, follow us on twitter @BarProfessors,  email us at or see us on youtube.

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