Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The February 2019 Bar Exam: ABA Votes Down Tougher Bar Pass Standard Again

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To law schools’ relief, the ABA has again rejected a proposal to strengthen the bar pass rules that law schools must adhere to in order to remain accredited. Only 88 delegates favored the measure while 334 were against it.

The ABA had argued that a tougher rule is necessary to ensure law schools only admit students who are likely to pass the bar exam.

The vote comes as bar pass rates have plummeted in many jurisdictions over the past four years, fueling concern that some schools are admitting students they shouldn’t or are not doing enough to prepare them for the bar exam. As we can see from the statistics we post every bar exam cycle, states’ bar exam results have plummeted. Fewer than 41% of those who sat for the California bar exam in July passed. The pass rate was 63% in New York.

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