Friday, December 21, 2018

The February 2019 Bar Exam: Keep a Limited Study Schedule Through the Holidays

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Christmas is on Tuesday, our families are making plans for the holidays, we are doing our last minute shopping and making sure we have our travel plans in place for visiting. Yet, you have the February 2019 bar exam right around the corner.

This is not the time to do round-the-clock studying. You will not be able to keep up a schedule like that anyway and you shouldn’t have to do it during this time of the year. But there are batches of time you can take during these holidays so that you can keep up your schedule plan.

Don’t put the books away. If you are traveling by plane or by train, you certainly can read your outlines instead of playing games or watching movies on your phone. If you are driving to your destination, get some tapes and play them as you drive instead of listening to music to pass the time. You can get an hour or two in for studying every day while you are enjoying the holidays. Think about getting up an hour early while everyone else is still asleep or go to bed an hour early and read your outlines in bed before you sleep.

Also think about taking a few days off completely from studying , i.e Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve– it will refresh your mind and make you eager to get back to work after those breaks.

These study techniques will keep you focused on the job ahead, but also allow you to take the remaining time off and relax with your family. You know that your family will do anything to help you achieve your goal, so let them fuss over you – you deserve it.

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